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We must forget all that's gone wrong
It's time to rebuild and replenish through song
Forgive and let relinquish all that has been taken
Remove all flames of fear, like a baby's tear
Gently revoking anticipations of grandeur
'Cause this song won't be heard
Regardless it's not about my word or thought
'Cause truth prevails even through the draught
Even through the quakes of mighty shakes
Do unfurl a whom-like connection to the ultimate mother
Not like the brother of the moon or the father of sun
But the soil of the Earth shall forever hover wholly
Shielding wielding energies from apocalyptic screams
Beating pulses of black blood as their stripped from every hub
Tensions burn infinity 'till nothing balances trinity

'Cause tensions burn infinity 'till nothing balances trinity.
People lost in security afore worry consumes purity
We must rise up as a spirit like the Griffin and the Cherub
As a whole shall we raise above and beyond the stars and sun
As a collective shall we recollect, live or let live's retrospect
While Nantucket nectars ooze soothing succulent juices
Our livers fight the cancer of artificial banter
Nonetheless both delicious, as our senses build our fences
As our minds bind vines pressin' sensations opaque
As we mother seeds of others, for those ones you can't just smother
As the time glides on, so do I... drive by
With the wind in my hair and the beach at my feet
With the sun on my back with its fortuneless fate
Standin' calm and collective as we await to dissipate...
Await to dissipate...Cause it's nature's natural trait...

provoking agile thought like a clouds unformed through golden era's crown of light do we see the sight of peaceful connotations with warlike innuendos of conquering puentos es moi ventos...OH...cremate the eyes of disguise for only two pigments exists for the third color formed through the mesh of flesh melatonin fresh fluid of creative minds like the fountain divine do we drink as we speak the rhymes on our minds and translate the human race as we elevate and progress to the era of eternal sun shines in the eyes of the children we make and food we bake and bread we share with the brothers of water do we see the end to the beginning of the cycle like a Cyclops in the sky seeking out it's people; it's the Greek gods sigh mystical worlds created in the minds and spread through the flow audastic melodies and tantric ceremonies progress once more to the next ultimate level and move our minds to a state of distant dwellings, of distant proximities intertwining mass and space consuming ether from nether as if it never existed just as is done with bible and its pilgrims whose poor souls sunk beneath the sensatious methods and reached out to find the clout whose words disregarded with shout one two another for you and you, and you and you....and ... ...and ...cellar door ... cellar door ... these are words you know, with meanings rearranged makin' people all deranged but when all is said and done sole survivors all that's won for the journey just begun and the waves had start to spun throwing all that's seen and sewn with the needles out our arm and the pills done and gone; parasite for parasite is all gone wrong......all gone wrong..........spread this song.
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Continuous Infinity

I must take you through a journey of segmented time

A journey of love through the force of attraction

A colorless wheel of magnetic incision

Through scalar wave electrostatic potential

And geometric fallacies of perplexed proportions

Where calculus has been created to stupify the people

And hexagonal matrices form through the steeple

And dominatrix priests heard the poor little sheep

Through eyes sought dim in blinding light

And heads shaken deep from the blinding sight

The world needs love not hatred and races

It needs to be stripped of all ill seeded “natures”

Replaced by antithisizing synonyms and pure bred rhythms

Of vibrating waves of time manifesting thoughts divine

As kindred spirits consume the vast of the lost past

And the found future of forgotten fate

Brings humanity together for the final frontier

For hope is not a delusion but the last remaining tool

The final days are always churning for the nearest present moment

To create the movement to abyss and end the universes' struggle

For the life of a 'verse is as short lived as humanity's curse.

Conquer yourself from within as without

Consume all perspectives as they come about

Reject all assumptions and accusations

Forget me not for my clairvoyant thought

Regret not for all done distraught

Refuse control of intolerant power (mongering tyrants)

Replenish this 'verse with fluids unearthed

Recreate all souls lost or forgot

Relive all those that thought were not

Become all with all to come

Truth means truth

Love is all

Continuous Infinity

forever dedicated to Giovanni and Lazarus