Confusion is one factor of life that I have yet to grasp. Although I find myself in a constant state of confusion, I cannot seem to see its meaning or purpose. Personally I don't think there really is a meaning or purpose; but rather simply exists to torment and disrupt the minds of innocent people, like myself. To better explain myself, let me describe confusion in a more elaborate manner. Think of confusion as a bubble. The bottle of soap symbolizes a container of potential problems of future and past. The stick represents the body and mind as it is dipped into the convoluted liquid of emotional conflict. As the stick emerges from the vast container of complexity, subtle clarity exists, however, contains something unknown and unwanted. The translucent substance glistens through the whole of the stick; thickening and mystifying upon heavier light. Slowly air is blown upon the mystic liquid as the emotions become more powerful and problems more obvious. All issues form at once as the bubble completes its perfectionist sphere. Its contents now leaving the body creating a visual perplexity; hovering over the individual and causing the mind to be absent from the body. Only with the right reflection of light can the bubble be seen by others, but the creator's fixation causes a continuous sight of the bubble as it travels through the air. Eventually the bubble pops, releasing all tensions and solving all problems; only to be replaced by another forming bubble from the metaphoric stick dipped into a seeming eternal liquid of bewilderment. This is my current feeling of confusion. For when the bubble pops there is a moment of peace and assurance of future clarity. Of course, some bubbles never pop, symbolizing confusing issues that continually persist, only to be lost or forgotten. It seems that confusion, like all emotions, is not to be explained but rather experienced. And through experience, we learn to take control over the bubble. We create its size and condition with either a soft or powerful breath. A bubble eventually becomes something of importance and usefulness, as confusion intrigues the mind rather than disrupting it. It is this that I have yet to experience.

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Ali Bajwa
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