The men that founded the United States of America were brilliant. A strangely unique combination of business, medicine, and inventive genius are what has formed the roots of the country. These roots are a key value of life that must never astray or deter from what governs our choices. These roots I speak of is freedom.

Everyone is told, or at least coalesced into believing, that their life is all they have. Even the most prolific organized religions cast doubt or subtle profound confusions as to the meaning or purpose of life and beyond. Yet when confronted with a choice between one's life and their freedom, the latter is generally accepted as their "fate". Even, if by chance, one were to choose to sacrifice their freedom, it is essential to remember this truth: Every passing moment is another chance to turn it all around.

In other words: beings do not have a choice as to whether or not they are free, only the choice as to whether or not they wish to express this freedom and share in its warmth.

When an attempt is made to relinquish or expunge a being's freedom, either one or all of the following are destined to occur: rage(i.e.anger beyond control), revolt(to make change and space for the appropriated freedom to return to), anarchy(if one absolves a feeling of slavery, in their eyes, nothing can govern them), hallucinogenic delusions(a natural occurrence of heightened emotional status), anxiety, fear, ...the list could go on, forever past the negative end of the mind.

Now these facts about freedom have long since been acknowledged and understood. Civilization after civilization have used these understandings to their advantage. Slavery has existed since the dawn of our known history(however long or accurate that history may actually be): Summerians, Egyptians, Mayans, Greeks. All approached greatness yet crumbled in the trembling roar of freedom. It wasn't until the age of the Roman's, however, that freedom was analyzed and formulated into the bank-based corporate slavery that exists today; and the reason it is still intact is simple: brainwashed ignorance and illusionary deceit.

Given the worlds current situation, and the choices that are continuously made by the "officials" of the political spectrum that govern our choices(e.g. through laws, trial and error), We as a collective People must come to an ultimate consciousness about our freedom. Without this freedom we will forever be clothed in garbs of sadness, fear, anxiety, and ignorance.

Forever the answers lie hidden within the questions themselves. The ancient Philosopher's Stone of Truth will slowly roll down the hill of Life, casting doubt and confusion in the minds of the negligent, and finally crashing upon the final realization of the unification of souls as one.

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