I am cultivating my vast archive of knowledge and wisdom(not just my own) in order to form questions that in turn will provide the answer merely through succinct thought alone. Beings will never accept any truth that lies outside the boundaries of their beliefs. It is not my intension to change one's beliefs, but to establish the ultimate perspective of consciousness and truth. By posing questions that, within themselves, provoke initiatives within the individual to reach beyond the boundaries of their beliefs, beings may for once fully bathe in the depths of truth and all that leads to its warmth -- love.

This task is not one in which any sole being can accomplish. So I ask of all of you to leave comments consisting of ANY question to which you feel would add another link to the path I speak of. There are no limits to the questions, and no question shall be unanswered or dismissed.

Always keep in mind the old Zen methods of meditation: A question without an answer will guide you on the pathway to the absorption and ultimate connection of Nothing. Through Nothing we shall realize Everything. For if you start with Everything, it is impossible to even conceptualize Nothing, let alone realize its heavy truth. Everything cannot BE without the Nothing at either end of its spectrum.

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Ali Bajwa
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