The following is a solution to the what and why questions of the human spirit of life.

Since no religion may be deemed a tool for universal communication (primarily because there is more than one), I will refrain from using any jargon associated with such. Please feel free to translate any of the following into words that better suit your culture, and I will try my best to translate into words all that flows through my mind.

First of all, there are no secrets amongst truth. Secondly, one must know what the human spirit is before one can interpret its relationship to life.

In its simplest form, the human spirit is the force that creates consciousness. It is deemed "human" solely due the fact that science has not been capable of finding consciousness within any other life form; nor is it possible to measure consciousness without projected sense experiences (which unfortunately have yet to be realised).

The human spirit's relationship to life, its purpose, is to translate love and thus propagate creation. The reason for its existence requires a certain sense of mental and visual abstraction and a much heavier dialogue. Nonetheless, I will try my best to describe its essence with the words of this horrible English language:

Imagine the universe ultimately as another life force. As a life force, it undergoes the same struggles of life that result from its creation. Its ultimate goal is to balance these struggles so that it may achieve eternal serenity.

Through serenity life is possible.

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Ali Bajwa
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