"Look at that cloud landscape dappling the heavens. At the first glimpse one might think that the depth was there where it is darkest, but one sees at once that those soft dark patches are only clouds, that space with all its profundity first begins beyond the borders and fjords of that cloud-mountain and sinks into infinity where the stars reign supreme--those grand and highest symbols of clarity and order for us humans. It is not there in the clouds and in the darkness that the depths of the world and its secrets reside, but in the open and the serene. I implore you, before you go to bed stay and look for a while at these bights and narrows with their host of stars, and do not thrust aside the thoughts and dreams that they may inspire in you."

- An excerpt from Herman Hesse's The Glass Bead Game to aid the invocation of meditation.

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Ali Bajwa
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