Slowly we shall digress
Situations unfathomable in heart's distress
Overbearing situations and physic's limitations
And unworldly spacial visitations
Reminding those sought to renounce decision
Visions once risen obliterated by consequence
Fallible justice falsely served through precedence
Forces of nature manipulated over time
Metals melted with electrical current's divine
Mind control juiced through magnetic waves
Perception convoluted forces us back to the caves
The planetary slaves conclave in disarray
Shelved on streets and served like meat
Cooked into stews of hatred breeding envy
Baked in government's chemical drugs
Synthesized in government's black shops served through thugs
Manipulated by white clothed Spoks
Red rock glimmers past forgotten lies
Flows through the oceans of gaseous moons
Seeping through pores of malnourished apropos
Starving majestical minds of nature's prose
And clothing all in garbs of mental fools

Cause we live in times of heart's opposite nature
Government telling us to kill our very own people
Sending our children to lands of deep seeded hatred
Confusing minds and conforming us in quantity
Examining all we are and nothing we really see
But we must surpass all that can ever be
We must rise to a nature of pure equality
Soar to the top of every mountain above
Drink water from springs that aren't infested with things
Elevate our minds to the Void inside
And accept the fate that we must obliterate.

I know it's hard to see life's true perfection
For clash is king where none see the connection.

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Ali Bajwa
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