Cross mind collaboration rewinds (in time)
Visions in fast forward recline
Cellular divide
Mutation inside
Growth misleading pride
Rearrangements in stride
Convolution's sigh

It's the memories we use to carry our struggle
It's the ceremonies we choose to feel one another
It's the cherries on top that hold us together
Sweet tooths breaking the tether
Scents of heather
Light as a feather
Mother is treasure

As the days of manipulation set in
We must not forget our kin
We must not forge the fetus within
Advancement smiles that cynical grin
Transforming in shapes of space erased
Defaced abolished dimensional confusion replaced
As the fusion of music binds understanding
With the unheard sight of veracity demanding.
Layman hear truth but see lies
Thus forming false language ties
Bursting forth unforgettable cries

Use the laughter inside to balance your soul
It's the jokes we make that we can't control

Start your life where you choose to make it
From there carry forward a purpose created
Hold in your hand what you don't understand
Observe the demand
Supply every strand
Watch the stars in the sand
Fly through the 'verse then land
Sink to the sun then expand
Shoot past the form that pulls at your hand
Then shake what you can to create a life not man
For we live in a stream of an infinite dream

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Ali Bajwa
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