You must excuse my language, it runs in me deep
As I know too many words for most people respective
So I dumb down what I say and the words that I speak
So that you understand through me the ultimate perspective

Too many men held down by misunderstood translation
Too many women lost in a world undertaken
Too many children confused and alarmed
Too many souls forgotten and harmed
Too many teachers that know little about Earth's creatures
Too many times have those forgot about rhyme
Too many minds have lost the divine
Too many crimes with too little certainty
Too many dimes with not enough charity
Too many rifts and not enough gifts
Too few cares for so many out there

Life is lost lived by all our abuses
Look at me not in majestic nature
I seek not to analyze and rate ya
Love is pulsed in airs reversed
Traversed in time through eyes intertwined
Translated in reflection as we consume perfection
Sensations reparations and remorseful presentation
Brings us to our state and ultimate trait
Our lives depend on minds and what's hidden in rhyme
So reread and reread and heed my mind's vines.

Sublime unfurled in the ultimate swirl
Live or obliterate
Comparisons are odious
Precision through vision
I speak not lies

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Ali Bajwa
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