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This is a phenomenal video shedding light on some serious issues with today's "corporate media" conglomerates. More people than you think are taking action, so it's up to you to join the wagon to keep the freedom that has been fought for for thousands of generations; or join the freight train destined to crash into the nearest oncoming oil rig or nuclear weapon.

Enjoy kiddies.
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Love is pure
Love is life
Love is where the mind meets the soul in eternal harmonious strife.

The first sign of love is through lucid vision
Through the eyes of two does this amazing presence form
A new world displays a mystic collision
A collision of dreams and reality create perfection
And the two embodied minds entwine forming a succinct eternal attraction

Time becomes transparent as perfection forms a new visual reality
The presence glistens reflections of recycled future
Each moment creates new beginnings of understanding and clarity
Future and present fuse into a state of absolution in an existing essence
Reality becomes an eternal dream of prevalence
As perpetual bliss swallows the mind

The mind liquefies from the presence of astonishing beauty
Her face is a dream viewed in streaming reality
Her eyes like crystals reflecting angelic magnificence
Her tender lips personify her mind through meticulous sounds of perfection
Upon her touch the body numbs and mind vanishes to an eternal dream world
As her gentle lips grasp my soul through every kiss
I awake from the illusionary dream in a state of perpetual bliss.

The heart burns as the mind awakes from sporadic dreams of translucent vision
Confusion clouds the mind with powerful emotion
As the presence of love is strained from the beauty’s soul
Alone and mind lost in a state of mistaken devotion
For dreams are trapped in the mind’s indecision.

Love is pure
Love is life
Love is thy one and only cure.
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"Societal Change"
The natural sensation and its use as a means of survival in todays society.

Every person thrives for success and accomplishment.
*There needs to be a shift from this sensation away from money. Money separates this sensation from society.
*People should be praised for their work through celebration (i.e. feasts, gifts, etc.)
*All necessities in life must be free, and distributed to all
*Farming must be retaught and localized.
*Water & Sewer cannot be centralized or combined.
*The idea of material possessions must be dissolved. This idea was created through greed. Once one's necessities are taken from them by another, the misfortuned person absolves a feeling of loss; which then transforms (through deductive reasoning/logic) into a feeling of ownership.
*People need to be taught/aware how to build, create, and modify the conveniences created (and sold) through science and innovation.
*Brilliant minds must share ideas/inventions with all so that all may benefit.
*The idea behind intellectual property must be dissolved.
*Any new invention/idea is merely a realization/re-arrangement of Truth(that which exists)
*Men and women need to be taught about each other.
*Time is based on the speed of movement. We should learn to deter from speeding up this movement.
*The past must be forgotten, not relived. We have evolved enough through experience that we have learned all we will ever need from it. It is the ideas and knowledge gained through the knowledge of the past that must be harnessed, distributed, and taught to all.
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"I am happy for you when you have found your path; but don't let the path blind you from truth or the people that you passed further up the road. Remember the road is yours to pave, but it is useless and empty without people to share its direction.

As long as you can see the path in all directions, and you still stand in it's wake, then it is truth; and is deserving of time's presence. Just remember: truth destroys in silence, beliefs are held captive to opinion, sorrow is caused by regret, and regret means you have done something against truth and astray from your path."
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"This is how it works:
you're young until you're not
you love until you don't
you try until you can't
you laugh until you cry
you cry until you laugh.
and everyone must breathe
until your dying breath

Now, THIS is how it works:
you peer inside your self
you take the things you like
and you try to love the things you took
and then you take that love you made
and stick it into some-
someone elses heart,
pumping someone else blood,
and walking arm and arm
and hope it don't get harmed
but even if it does, you'll just do it all again."

- Sasha
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“My dear, I used to think I was serving humanity…and I pleasured in the thought. Then I discovered that humanity does not want to be served; on the contrary it resents any attempt to serve it.”

- Robert Heinlein, Stranger In A Strange Land (p. 114)
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"As you make your moves, whatever they are, you need someone who trusts in you to find your way, even when you are lost. You will need someone who wants to follow you and your path no matter how rocky or hard it may be...only because it is your path and they need and want to be on it with you - wherever it leads.

There are so many definitions of love ( what is a feeling anyway ? ) but one I have thought says a lot is that love is a condition in which another's concerns are above your own.

And therein lies the rub. What we really want is our life, our futures, our being to be the essence of those we love. And so we chase them, to prove to them they are right, that they deserve us...and we deserve them."

- Words of the wise.
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Trees so grand, rooted in soil
Regenerative dirt holding life-like toil
Sand of glass hidden rocks in grain
Telling time commencing time remain
Nearly finished sand at end
Flipped through holes to start over again
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Circles of spirals spindling joy
Happiness hidden in blankets of cloy
Waves in motion of waves in ocean
Infinite illusion, illustrious potion
Do quell minds of erratic devotion

Swim in the pool of happiness fool
Relax and let bad waters drool
Consume with every sip inside
The vast game at last resides
Poolside amongst heavens and clouds
Shaded merely by voidless shrouds
Feet dangling in the cool blue water
Staring in the eyes of every last daughter

Soul consumed with eternal perfume
The remaining cry while the past just sigh
Seek happiness inner deep not in sleep,
Not for sheer moments of high
Rest when time brings you peace
Accept your time when it begins to creep
Happiness divides until final release

Love spreads through waters connected
Feel its warmth if not reflected
Be weary of the depths rejected
Direct the power attracted and project it
Through every eye of every foe
Fish swim in schools you know
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I am cultivating my vast archive of knowledge and wisdom(not just my own) in order to form questions that in turn will provide the answer merely through succinct thought alone. Beings will never accept any truth that lies outside the boundaries of their beliefs. It is not my intension to change one's beliefs, but to establish the ultimate perspective of consciousness and truth. By posing questions that, within themselves, provoke initiatives within the individual to reach beyond the boundaries of their beliefs, beings may for once fully bathe in the depths of truth and all that leads to its warmth -- love.

This task is not one in which any sole being can accomplish. So I ask of all of you to leave comments consisting of ANY question to which you feel would add another link to the path I speak of. There are no limits to the questions, and no question shall be unanswered or dismissed.

Always keep in mind the old Zen methods of meditation: A question without an answer will guide you on the pathway to the absorption and ultimate connection of Nothing. Through Nothing we shall realize Everything. For if you start with Everything, it is impossible to even conceptualize Nothing, let alone realize its heavy truth. Everything cannot BE without the Nothing at either end of its spectrum.
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The men that founded the United States of America were brilliant. A strangely unique combination of business, medicine, and inventive genius are what has formed the roots of the country. These roots are a key value of life that must never astray or deter from what governs our choices. These roots I speak of is freedom.

Everyone is told, or at least coalesced into believing, that their life is all they have. Even the most prolific organized religions cast doubt or subtle profound confusions as to the meaning or purpose of life and beyond. Yet when confronted with a choice between one's life and their freedom, the latter is generally accepted as their "fate". Even, if by chance, one were to choose to sacrifice their freedom, it is essential to remember this truth: Every passing moment is another chance to turn it all around.

In other words: beings do not have a choice as to whether or not they are free, only the choice as to whether or not they wish to express this freedom and share in its warmth.

When an attempt is made to relinquish or expunge a being's freedom, either one or all of the following are destined to occur: rage(i.e.anger beyond control), revolt(to make change and space for the appropriated freedom to return to), anarchy(if one absolves a feeling of slavery, in their eyes, nothing can govern them), hallucinogenic delusions(a natural occurrence of heightened emotional status), anxiety, fear, ...the list could go on, forever past the negative end of the mind.

Now these facts about freedom have long since been acknowledged and understood. Civilization after civilization have used these understandings to their advantage. Slavery has existed since the dawn of our known history(however long or accurate that history may actually be): Summerians, Egyptians, Mayans, Greeks. All approached greatness yet crumbled in the trembling roar of freedom. It wasn't until the age of the Roman's, however, that freedom was analyzed and formulated into the bank-based corporate slavery that exists today; and the reason it is still intact is simple: brainwashed ignorance and illusionary deceit.

Given the worlds current situation, and the choices that are continuously made by the "officials" of the political spectrum that govern our choices(e.g. through laws, trial and error), We as a collective People must come to an ultimate consciousness about our freedom. Without this freedom we will forever be clothed in garbs of sadness, fear, anxiety, and ignorance.

Forever the answers lie hidden within the questions themselves. The ancient Philosopher's Stone of Truth will slowly roll down the hill of Life, casting doubt and confusion in the minds of the negligent, and finally crashing upon the final realization of the unification of souls as one.

Continued reading, resources, and sometimes references:
News Coverage and Known History



...More to come...
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"Clothes do make the man...naked people have always had little influence on society."

--Mark Twain
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The word "enthusiasm" comes from the Greek entheos, which means literally, "the god within." I really like that definition. I doubt it's possible to master the art of time management if you aren't gushingly enthusiastic about what you're going to do with your time. Go after what really inspires you. Don't chase money. Chase your passion. If you aren't enthusiastic about your work, then you're wasting your life. Switch to something else. Consider a new career altogether. Don't beat yourself up if your current career has become stale. Remember that failure is your friend. Listen to that god within you, and switch to something that excites you once again. The worst waste of time is doing something that doesn't make you happy. Your work should serve your life, not the other way around.

--Steve Pavlina