Love is pure
Love is life
Love is where the mind meets the soul in eternal harmonious strife.

The first sign of love is through lucid vision
Through the eyes of two does this amazing presence form
A new world displays a mystic collision
A collision of dreams and reality create perfection
And the two embodied minds entwine forming a succinct eternal attraction

Time becomes transparent as perfection forms a new visual reality
The presence glistens reflections of recycled future
Each moment creates new beginnings of understanding and clarity
Future and present fuse into a state of absolution in an existing essence
Reality becomes an eternal dream of prevalence
As perpetual bliss swallows the mind

The mind liquefies from the presence of astonishing beauty
Her face is a dream viewed in streaming reality
Her eyes like crystals reflecting angelic magnificence
Her tender lips personify her mind through meticulous sounds of perfection
Upon her touch the body numbs and mind vanishes to an eternal dream world
As her gentle lips grasp my soul through every kiss
I awake from the illusionary dream in a state of perpetual bliss.

The heart burns as the mind awakes from sporadic dreams of translucent vision
Confusion clouds the mind with powerful emotion
As the presence of love is strained from the beauty’s soul
Alone and mind lost in a state of mistaken devotion
For dreams are trapped in the mind’s indecision.

Love is pure
Love is life
Love is thy one and only cure.

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Ali Bajwa
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