"Societal Change"
The natural sensation and its use as a means of survival in todays society.

Every person thrives for success and accomplishment.
*There needs to be a shift from this sensation away from money. Money separates this sensation from society.
*People should be praised for their work through celebration (i.e. feasts, gifts, etc.)
*All necessities in life must be free, and distributed to all
*Farming must be retaught and localized.
*Water & Sewer cannot be centralized or combined.
*The idea of material possessions must be dissolved. This idea was created through greed. Once one's necessities are taken from them by another, the misfortuned person absolves a feeling of loss; which then transforms (through deductive reasoning/logic) into a feeling of ownership.
*People need to be taught/aware how to build, create, and modify the conveniences created (and sold) through science and innovation.
*Brilliant minds must share ideas/inventions with all so that all may benefit.
*The idea behind intellectual property must be dissolved.
*Any new invention/idea is merely a realization/re-arrangement of Truth(that which exists)
*Men and women need to be taught about each other.
*Time is based on the speed of movement. We should learn to deter from speeding up this movement.
*The past must be forgotten, not relived. We have evolved enough through experience that we have learned all we will ever need from it. It is the ideas and knowledge gained through the knowledge of the past that must be harnessed, distributed, and taught to all.

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