The following is an excerpt from Richard P. Feynman's, Surely You're Joking, Mr. Feynman! A truly sensational book about the adventures of his personality meshed with his scientific brilliance. In this moment he was reviewing science textbooks for the State of California, and upon reading their methods, became utterly disgusted with their approach...

"...there was a book that started out with four pictures: first there was a wind-up toy; then there was an automobile; then there was a boy riding a bicycle; then there was something else. And underneath each picture it said, 'What makes it go?'
I thought, 'I know what it is: They're going to talk about mechanics, how the springs work inside the toy; about chemistry, how the engine of the automobile works; and biology, about how the muscles work.'
It was the kind of thing my father would have talked about: "What makes it go? Everything goes because the sun is shining.' And then we would have fun discussing it:
'No, the toy goes because the spring is wound up,' I would say.
'How did the spring get wound up?' he would ask.
'I wound it up.'
'And how did you get moving?'
'From eating.'
'And food grows only because the sun is shining. So it's because the sun is shining that all these things are moving.' That would get the concept across that motion is simply the transformation of the sun's power."

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