"What is a wizard? Not someone who can simply perform magic but someone who can cause transformation."

"A wizard can turn fear to joy, frustration to fulfillment.
A wizard can turn the time-bound into the timeless.
A wizard can carry you beyond the limitations into the boundless."

"...A disciple once went to a great master and said, 'Why do I feel so bottled up inside, as if I want to scream?' The master looked at him and replied, 'Because everyone feels that way.'"
"All of us want to expand in love nad creativity, to explore our spiritual nature, yet often we fall short. We lock ourselves in our own prisons. Some people, however, have broken out of the confines that make life so constricted. Listen to the Persian poet Rumi, who says, 'You are the unconditioned spirit trapped in conditions, like the sun in eclipse.'"
"This is the voice of a wizard, who will not accept that humans are limited in time and space. We are just temporarily in eclipse. The purpose of learning from a wizard is finding the wizard within. Having found the inner guide, you've found yourself. The self is the ever-shining sun that may be in eclipse, but once the shadows pass, the sun is simply there in all its glory."

--Deepak Chopra, The Way of the Wizard

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Ali Bajwa
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