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"The Christian religion is a parody on the worship of the sun, in which they put a man called Christ in the place of the sun, and pay him the adoration originally payed to the sun."

-Thomas Faine (1737-1809)
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“’Gratitude’ is a euphemism for resentment…The Japanese have five different ways to say ‘thank you’—and every one of them translates literally as resentment, in various degrees…Enlgish is capable of defining sentiments that the human nervous system is quite incapable of experiencing.”

- Heinlein
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"A painting, like all art, is nothing more than a transgression of ideas; as is every form and every communication. This is best expressed through time itself. For if time is ever held captive to a moment, its content would lose all meaning. A work of art, in the same sense, must never be subjected to a moment's time. The reason is simple: depth requires flexibility of perception, and when the perception is captivated in a moment of time, the subject transforms into a biased interpretation of reality. Thus fixating the audience on an unreal moment of perplexed chaos. In order for beauty to come from chaos, either the subject must be real, or the moment must reflect infinitely."

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"Better to die and sleep than never wake and sleep
Then linger on and dare to live when your soul's life is gone"

-Jedi Mind Tricks
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People search for a world of peace
What they find is a world with peace in mind
Never ending cycles repeating sorrowful kinds
Revolving around time, held close and divine
Missing the reasons for life and true perspective
Caught in the hustle with everything disconnected
Losing purpose then passing on reflected
Lost and confused?
Well rebuild and fuse
With kindness in presence
You can't forget your essence
You can't lose that past self
Just bring it to the present
For your present is your past
Reconstructed in your mind's thought of the future
Intertwined with like minds that suit ya
Speak to your heart, and it speaks back
Speak to your mind, and it echoes in time
Speak to another, and another replies
A question echoes the answer
And the answer echoes back
Understand the know how
Study the how-to
See the patterns in things
Connect each with a string
Where they overlap genius is born
Where they reconnect brilliance is shown
Life braced with just an H and an OH
Built on blocks of variations
Vibrations and calculations
It's the truth that will guide you past the end
The sensations felt without from within
Shared amongst kin
Rapped, spoken and shared through song
Forever every word must belong
Take each verse and replace with your own
For I will die before the day that your mind is fully sewn.