I was lost in love
Then drowned to swim
I've since built a boat
Now I'm floating the brim

You can't replace the love lost and retraced
Displace misery with happiness in place
Laugh outside with an inside grin
Breathe in deep with the verse in repeat
Then exhale strong for none to defeat
For life is a record in a groove and a beat.

Society seeks out the love of each other
People seekin' out the love of another
Seekin' a time to remember a place
Accelerating dreams as we launch into space
Exploring the stars and every last trace
Life exploding suns and wormholes for fun
Connecting light sewn spots on the run
Swirling we are, imploding we might
Exploading is the wake of what's done so far

I sit in the wake of where I begun
I live life through just tracin' the sun
I feel in love with the planet I'm on
Its heart beats felt strong and spun
Strung in feats of strengthening dawn
Stretched through nights moonlit and redrawn
I wonder why galaxies circle and spawn

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Ali Bajwa
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