"I think there is so much more in existence besides matter, energy, and time. Nineteenth-century physics had those in an orderly arrangement, but it is too weird to be just that.

If you think about yourself as something going through time, how thick are you? You've got to have a certain finite "thickness" in time, or you wouldn't exist. So you might be a fraction of a second, or a second wide, or five, sliding through time.

It might be that certain parts of you are weeks, months, or years wide. Or maybe some part of you is 'now' all the time--from your birth (or maybe even before birth) to your death. Some part of you is in the future at any moment, and some part of you is in the past, because you couldn't possibly be just in this infinitesimally thin thing we call 'now'--because there wouldn't be room for you in there!"

- Kary Mullis, 1993 Nobel Prize winner in Chemistry

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