"A militant kind of aggressive religiosity, sometimes called "fundamentalism" has grown up in every single one of the major world traditions as a rebellion against this unbalanced world; a rebellion against humiliation... powerlessness. And there's a sense of rage expressed in religious terms. 'Every religion, as i understand them, has a history of intolerance; and every religion has principles for overcoming intolerance.' I want people to hear the compassionate voice of religion, I want to change the conversation and bring compassion to the forefront of people's attention.

... And we need to somehow find a way to implement the Golden Rule globally, so that we treat other nations, other peoples, whomever they may be, as we wish to be treated ourselves. We need a charter for own souls, for our own sake, but also for the sake of our powerlessly divided world; one that has been drawn closer together more than ever before. The world will be invited to make their own contributions, their own comments, tell their own stories about compassion or their lack of it.

... The task of our generation, whether we're a relgious or secular people, is to build a global community where people of all persuasions can live in peace and harmony."

- A brief transcription from The Charter For Compassion's promotional video.

The organization is asking the world to contribute their ideas for the charter and stories of compassion.

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