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Microsoft is hosting the videos of a famous lecture series given by Nobel prize winning physicist Richard Feynman back in 1964. The lectures, which will be hosted by Microsoft Research under the name Project Tuva, are lectures that the physicist gave just before he was awarded the Nobel Prize in physics - along with Julian Schwinger and Sin-Itiro Tomonaga - for cracking some pesky problems in quantum electrodynamics.

This lecture has been credited by some (and discredited by others) as being the stimulus that started people thinking about nanotechnology. You can read a transcript of that lecture here. There is apparently a video of a follow-on lecture that Feynman gave, called Infinitesimal Machinery.

Check the videos out here!
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Due to the latest settlements with Internet royalty fees in Congress, pandora has restructured their Internet Radio station to only allow 40 hrs/mo. of free listening time. Granted you can listen for the rest of the month for a measly $1, or the even more reasonable $36/yr. subscription for their premium service, I'm still going to miss the days of endless playback without having to whip out my wallet. For the sake of Performing Artists everywhere, let's hope Congress pulls through with the new Performance Rights Act (H.R. 848)

Read more from the full story on their blog here.