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Starin' at the screen erasin' memory
Collecting brain waves in waves
Vibes in space of space
Lights shy
Void pries
Opens whole
Portal to soul
Eye in all, inside we cry
Outward shed through grace
Youthful reflection born in place
Memory found where time remains
Time in beautiful waves of waves
Beams erased mindtroscopes in phase
Mind control replaced
In disguise
Open wide
Wormhole wings to flying things
Into beings then out through heads
Connected in strands time at hand
Rememoring morphisizing manifestos expand
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Cross mind collaboration rewinds (in time)
Visions in fast forward recline
Cellular divide
Mutation inside
Growth misleading pride
Rearrangements in stride
Convolution's sigh

It's the memories we use to carry our struggle
It's the ceremonies we choose to feel one another
It's the cherries on top that hold us together
Sweet tooths breaking the tether
Scents of heather
Light as a feather
Mother is treasure

As the days of manipulation set in
We must not forget our kin
We must not forge the fetus within
Advancement smiles that cynical grin
Transforming in shapes of space erased
Defaced abolished dimensional confusion replaced
As the fusion of music binds understanding
With the unheard sight of veracity demanding.
Layman hear truth but see lies
Thus forming false language ties
Bursting forth unforgettable cries

Use the laughter inside to balance your soul
It's the jokes we make that we can't control

Start your life where you choose to make it
From there carry forward a purpose created
Hold in your hand what you don't understand
Observe the demand
Supply every strand
Watch the stars in the sand
Fly through the 'verse then land
Sink to the sun then expand
Shoot past the form that pulls at your hand
Then shake what you can to create a life not man
For we live in a stream of an infinite dream
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Confusion is one factor of life that I have yet to grasp. Although I find myself in a constant state of confusion, I cannot seem to see its meaning or purpose. Personally I don't think there really is a meaning or purpose; but rather simply exists to torment and disrupt the minds of innocent people, like myself. To better explain myself, let me describe confusion in a more elaborate manner. Think of confusion as a bubble. The bottle of soap symbolizes a container of potential problems of future and past. The stick represents the body and mind as it is dipped into the convoluted liquid of emotional conflict. As the stick emerges from the vast container of complexity, subtle clarity exists, however, contains something unknown and unwanted. The translucent substance glistens through the whole of the stick; thickening and mystifying upon heavier light. Slowly air is blown upon the mystic liquid as the emotions become more powerful and problems more obvious. All issues form at once as the bubble completes its perfectionist sphere. Its contents now leaving the body creating a visual perplexity; hovering over the individual and causing the mind to be absent from the body. Only with the right reflection of light can the bubble be seen by others, but the creator's fixation causes a continuous sight of the bubble as it travels through the air. Eventually the bubble pops, releasing all tensions and solving all problems; only to be replaced by another forming bubble from the metaphoric stick dipped into a seeming eternal liquid of bewilderment. This is my current feeling of confusion. For when the bubble pops there is a moment of peace and assurance of future clarity. Of course, some bubbles never pop, symbolizing confusing issues that continually persist, only to be lost or forgotten. It seems that confusion, like all emotions, is not to be explained but rather experienced. And through experience, we learn to take control over the bubble. We create its size and condition with either a soft or powerful breath. A bubble eventually becomes something of importance and usefulness, as confusion intrigues the mind rather than disrupting it. It is this that I have yet to experience.
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They fuck you up, your mum and dad
They may not mean to, but they do.
They fill you with the faults they had
And add some extra, just for you.

But they were fucked up in their turn
By fools in old-style hats and coats,
Who half the time were soppy-stern
And half at one another's throats

Man hands on misery to man.
It deepens like a coastal shelf.
Get out as early as you can,
And don't have any kids yourself.

Philip Larkin

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Mourning Electra
Birds of Maya
Rose Hill Drive

Blast the past.
Forget the rest.
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Think about the last time you've danced with a shadow
As it follows and mirrors your every last hour
But soon the light fades and others devour
Soon there are new shades that form a new power

The essence of all beings seeking forms of transcendence
Form rearranging into beings unended
Beings morphing dreams intended
Dreams of remembrance
Rememory commended

This is how winds of life forever blow
Ears open wide with shadows of echoes
Forever yourself captive to deliquescent light
Forever captive held slave to your sight
Fear not the dark for it's where the light goes
Fear not, for fear is not right

And so I stand
Heart in hand
Every single day I can
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Truth is the root
There's evil within
Blasphemy's sin
Yet priest akin
Bible's stories sour
Ill-written blasphemy's hour
From Kings shape
The unnatural grape
Unnecessary hate
Carried through veins
Uttered in trains
Displayed in pain
Reflected insane
Perspective remains
Tools retrace
People deface
Roots of race
Rich calcitrate
Poor sacrifice
Needs' price
Fixed omniscience
False pretenses
Happy hour
Godly devour
Void consume
Forgotten commune
Untold sold
And now priceless prevails
The worlds bottom breeds the worlds jail
While the top enjoy a never ending bail.

Release temptation before temptation prevails
Own thy own mind.
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You must excuse my language, it runs in me deep
As I know too many words for most people respective
So I dumb down what I say and the words that I speak
So that you understand through me the ultimate perspective

Too many men held down by misunderstood translation
Too many women lost in a world undertaken
Too many children confused and alarmed
Too many souls forgotten and harmed
Too many teachers that know little about Earth's creatures
Too many times have those forgot about rhyme
Too many minds have lost the divine
Too many crimes with too little certainty
Too many dimes with not enough charity
Too many rifts and not enough gifts
Too few cares for so many out there

Life is lost lived by all our abuses
Look at me not in majestic nature
I seek not to analyze and rate ya
Love is pulsed in airs reversed
Traversed in time through eyes intertwined
Translated in reflection as we consume perfection
Sensations reparations and remorseful presentation
Brings us to our state and ultimate trait
Our lives depend on minds and what's hidden in rhyme
So reread and reread and heed my mind's vines.

Sublime unfurled in the ultimate swirl
Live or obliterate
Comparisons are odious
Precision through vision
I speak not lies
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Slowly we shall digress
Situations unfathomable in heart's distress
Overbearing situations and physic's limitations
And unworldly spacial visitations
Reminding those sought to renounce decision
Visions once risen obliterated by consequence
Fallible justice falsely served through precedence
Forces of nature manipulated over time
Metals melted with electrical current's divine
Mind control juiced through magnetic waves
Perception convoluted forces us back to the caves
The planetary slaves conclave in disarray
Shelved on streets and served like meat
Cooked into stews of hatred breeding envy
Baked in government's chemical drugs
Synthesized in government's black shops served through thugs
Manipulated by white clothed Spoks
Red rock glimmers past forgotten lies
Flows through the oceans of gaseous moons
Seeping through pores of malnourished apropos
Starving majestical minds of nature's prose
And clothing all in garbs of mental fools

Cause we live in times of heart's opposite nature
Government telling us to kill our very own people
Sending our children to lands of deep seeded hatred
Confusing minds and conforming us in quantity
Examining all we are and nothing we really see
But we must surpass all that can ever be
We must rise to a nature of pure equality
Soar to the top of every mountain above
Drink water from springs that aren't infested with things
Elevate our minds to the Void inside
And accept the fate that we must obliterate.

I know it's hard to see life's true perfection
For clash is king where none see the connection.
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"One day, when I awake, I will finally enter the dream state from reality. For when I dream of waking from a dream of reality, only to reappear in my dream, I come to the realization that my reality is in the dream state."