Circles of spirals spindling joy
Happiness hidden in blankets of cloy
Waves in motion of waves in ocean
Infinite illusion, illustrious potion
Do quell minds of erratic devotion

Swim in the pool of happiness fool
Relax and let bad waters drool
Consume with every sip inside
The vast game at last resides
Poolside amongst heavens and clouds
Shaded merely by voidless shrouds
Feet dangling in the cool blue water
Staring in the eyes of every last daughter

Soul consumed with eternal perfume
The remaining cry while the past just sigh
Seek happiness inner deep not in sleep,
Not for sheer moments of high
Rest when time brings you peace
Accept your time when it begins to creep
Happiness divides until final release

Love spreads through waters connected
Feel its warmth if not reflected
Be weary of the depths rejected
Direct the power attracted and project it
Through every eye of every foe
Fish swim in schools you know

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Ali Bajwa
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