I recently came across a phenomenal article on a Vedic approach toward attaining business excellence. The article creates some wonderful abstractions to management concepts and connects these with a bigger picture using philosophical ideas. The article divulges into historical events and how these events created the change toward higher quality business through excellence. This is a must read for anyone entering the entrepreneurial realm.
"Man has been searching for excellence since evolution. He has an instinct to remain happy. Happiness can be attained either through self-contentment or through the fulfilment of the desires. While Vedic philosophy stresses on the former, the latter has played a crucial role in the business excellence journey. The goods produced or services rendered can bring happiness only when they meet the desired objective. Man has been in constant pursuit of more and more to satisfy his ever-growing desires. The search for excellence has been going on for thousands of years.
'Sangathan Sukta' presents a perspective of excellence for society, where every member is willing to sacrifice his gains for the well being of others. Thus every member of society gets his lower level needs fulfilled, which leads to building of higher moral values for all. Thus slowly we attain a level of excellence where all remain happy and healthier. The Vedic concepts of growth are based on self-management and self-discipline.

Accordingly everyone is expected to follow his Swa-Dharma and continuously make sustained efforts for self-growth as well as for the growth of society."
- Business Excellence Enshrined in Vedic (Hindu) Philosophy, by Sharma, A K and Talwar, Balvir

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